How to Code a AI Trading bot (so you can make $$$)

How to Code a AI Trading bot (so you can make $$$)

BeLucy · 2 minute read


In this course, we will learn how to backtest trading strategies using Python and the popular open-source library called Backtrader. We'll cover the basics of setting up a backtesting environment, creating custom indicators, implementing various trading strategies, and analyzing the results.


  • Understand the fundamentals of backtesting with Python and Backtrader

  • Create custom indicators for your trading strategies

  • Implement various trading strategies using Backtrader

  • Analyze the performance of your strategies through various metrics


  1. Setting Up Your Backtesting Environment

    • Overview: Learn how to install and set up Backtrader for backtesting.

    • Topics Covered: Installing Backtrader, Setting up a new project, Creating a data feed.

    • Hands-On Activities: Set up a new Backtrader project and create a simple data feed.

    • Shorts:

  2. Creating Custom Indicators

  3. Implementing Trading Strategies

  4. Analyzing the Results